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Injection moulding of small components

Are you looking for a professional supplier who can produce your tiny plastic products? Then CKV Plastics is the injection moulding service for you! We specialize in the injection moulding of a wide range of materials and shapes, and in particular: very small parts. Examples that come to mind are components for vending machines and household appliances, gear wheels, hooks, brackets, nuts, grabs and more.

Small parts demand precision

Small parts – also known as miniature parts – call for high precision. Even a deviation of just 0.05 millimetres can be disruptive enough to cause a product to be rejected, and increase costly waste. CKV Plastics is highly experienced with the injection moulding of very small parts, made from virtually every kind of thermoplastic. Our machines work with extreme precision, just like our personnel. We’re accustomed to moulding products from as little as 0.5 grams in weight, and as small as 2 millimetres with a tolerance down to 0.05 millimetres.

High-quality plastic products from CKV Plastics

CKV Plastics already has more than thirty years of experience in the injection moulding of an array of different plastics. No matter how difficult or complex a particular product appears, just about any product can be produced by plastic injection moulding. Every day, using advanced injection moulding machines from leading manufacturers, we produce high-quality plastic products for all kinds of applications in many different sectors. In particular, we have gained extensive know-how and experience in the processing of both large and small products in the material TPE (thermoplastic polyester elastomer). We have also gained specialized know-how in the injection moulding of plastic shipping caps and plastic protective caps.

More information

Would you like learn more about injection moulding of very small parts? Interested in what CKV Plastics can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants without obligation! They will be pleased to provide you with more information about plastic injection moulding, the applications, and the many possibilities. By the way, besides injection moulding very small parts, we can also produce your short runs. Just ask our consultants.

More than thirty years of experience

CKV Plastics has been a specialist in the injection moulding of plastic products ever since 1983. Our expert employees work hard every day to manufacture a wide variety of plastic products.