Injection moulding company CKV Plastics

Injection moulding company CKV Plastics specialises in the injection moulding of various thermoplastic materials. We produce high-quality plastic products for such industries as automotive, construction and appliances using injection-moulding machinery of renowned brands.

  • The 5 Cs of CKV Plastics

    What can you expect from CKV?

    Bij CKV Plastics kunt u vertrouwen op kwaliteit. Wij passen kwaliteit toe in al onze activiteiten en dit komt tot uiting in onze producten. Om u kwaliteit te garanderen, werken wij met vijf speerpunten, Careful, Competent, Custom made, Caps en Control. Lees hier meer over onze speerpunten en de betekenis ervan!


Do the production facilities of your supplier still satisfy the most state-of-the-art requirements?

CKV supplies throughout all of Europe


CKV supplies throughout all of Europe

CKV Plastics is based in Sprundel, between the international ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. We work for national and international companies and, with years of experience and thanks to our expertise, we can serve these customers well.

More than thirty years of experience

CKV Plastics has been a specialist in the injection moulding of plastic products ever since 1983. Our expert employees work hard every day to manufacture a wide variety of plastic products.

  • Quality thinking

    Quality thinking

    From an efficient production process to the provision of excellent products: quality can be found in all facets of our business.

  • State-of-the-art machinery

    State-of-the-art machinery

    CKV Plastics works with the latest machinery that can do many different things.

  • Personal attention

    Personal attention

    Short lines and personal contact is crucial for the success of your project.