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At plastic injection moulding company CKV Plastics, we attach great importance to quality. We apply quality to all our activities, and this is reflected in all our products. This means we utilise our resources in the most efficient manner, and that our processes are documented in a structured quality management system.

Continuous improvement

Furthermore, our employees contribute to quality in our company: after all, they are the key to satisfied customers. Our staff’s knowledge is continuously maintained and updated through training. This has resulted in an optimal business process, a professional organisation, a growing customer base, and an ISO-9001 certification.

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We adhere to the strictest guidelines

At CKV Plastics, we work with the latest and most modern equipment, quality raw materials, and we continuously pay attention to the maintenance of the level of knowledge of our employees. We ensure we improve ourselves continuously through internal and external training courses. In addition, we work with reputable certifications (ISO) and we carry out audits periodically. This means we can meet even the strictest guidelines.

Inventory management

If you have projects that require deliveries on a regular basis, we can take over your inventory management. We can store the products in our warehouse and deliver the desired amount whenever you need them. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us.