Injection moulding of thermoplastics

Are you looking for an expert partner for injection moulding of thermoplastics? Then look no further than CKV Plastics, a company that is specialized in plastic injection moulding. During a rich history spanning more than thirty years, we have produced plastic products for a highly diverse group of customers. Read more about them here.

Products of all shapes and sizes

CKV Plastics can manufacture an amazing range of products: from key fobs, appliance parts, screw caps and thread protectors for air conditioners, to water couplings, light fittings and furniture gliders. We deliver in all shapes and sizes, from 0.5 to 500 grams and with a mould closing force of 250 to 3000 kN. The production of the tiniest parts requires a high degree of precision. CKV Plastics has the necessary experience for the injection moulding of very small parts

From concept to moulded part: how we work

At CKV Plastics we are specialized in the injection moulding of plastic shipping caps and protective caps. If you wish to have these or other plastic products injection moulded, our working method is generally the same. Your plastic product will be produced in six distinct steps. The first is to clearly define your desired product, for example with a build-to-print drawing. This conceptual product is then evaluated and, if feasible, a prototype is developed. The prototype is subsequently tested and, if necessary, modified. Finally, the production mould is built, and mass production can begin. 

Request a quotation

Are you interested in injection moulding of your thermoplastic materials? Contact the consultants at specialized injection moulding company CKV Plastics. With decades of experience in the plastic injection moulding process, they can provide you with expert advice. At your request, our consultants will be pleased to send you a quotation tailored to your requirements. And there will be no surprises in the cost of your project.

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More than thirty years of experience

CKV Plastics has been a specialist in the injection moulding of plastic products ever since 1983. Our expert employees work hard every day to manufacture a wide variety of plastic products.